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Cinnamon Toast Chocolate Banana Sammys

There is witchery in her crust.....magic in her melty.....

Oh tiny death......oh rapacious rapture of victuals... ...thou comely comestible.... I swoon oer'ly..... FrugalBits....catch me.... :::thud:::

For real, this is one decadent dessert.....late night craving....2 am dancing in the refrigerator light feast.... camping celebration.


It's simple really. Gluten free bread, pan toasted with butter.

Don't bother with a toaster, that's mundane and misses the magic of creating this, and flipping it just in time, as the warm scent of buttered toast perfumes the air around you. Butter you bread. Salted butter please, it builds flavor. I chose simple, gluten free sandwich bread but go crazy, use challah, use raisin bread, use .......cinnabons.... (I KNOW!) Toast it on medium heat on one or both sides. (I like my toast half-lighter on one side for contrast) While still warm, Dust with cinnamon sugar Spread with your favorite chocolate nutty spread Add sliced banana. Add more cinnamon to them if you like. Slap that thing together.

Savor every bite for the wonder that it is...or share with a friend. Here's to making a delicious mess.


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