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Thanksgiving Checklist and Timeline

It's that time of year again. The time to plan, shop, prep, bake, shop again for things you missed, cook, and rock that holiday meal!

Here's a couple handy checklists to get you ready, prepared, and over the finish line on the big day.

Things I find that are most often forgotten until they're needed: Enough forks and glasses Whipped cream, ice cream, pie toppings Coffee creamer of choice or choices Things to eat the day before and day after that aren't leftovers (My tradition has always been my brisket pot roast.)

Containers/ bags to send people off with left overs and extra desserts

The Day-of also usually entails a runner to go grab the last forgotten items at the store.

Okay, ready? You got this. Here we go!

And double check the bird is good before you start cooking! (Ask me how I know to remind you about this. That story has a happy ending, but it could've been a disaster! Check your bird on the day!)

Up to 4 days before:

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