Liisa Lee

Blogger of food, Voice actor, Lover of sidecars, Wielder of sass.

Great food is great love. It’s great art. It’s great comfort. It’s great adventure. It's great fun. And it’s great passion.

My love of food began when I was still little enough to sit on the kitchen counter, stirring cookie dough with a spoon as big as I was.

My sense of adventure, I’m sure, began even earlier.


I am ever a duality, a bit of a geek, a bit of a gamer, a bit of a ham, a bit of a hostess.

All of my food is gluten-free, and some of it's lightened up a bit.

Decadence has it's place, but balance is key with a focus on healthy, real food.

Currently living in LA, as a professional voice actor and a passionate DnD nerd.

I'm staff to an ancient, quixotic feline.

I consider fine dining a fetish.

Cooking is a comfort as well as a gift, so here are some bits and bobs of my kitchen adventures, .....  my celebration of
Food and Love.






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