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Hen of the Woods

and home before dark.....

Great food is art. It's a love song to my food soul. Hen of the woods are one of my favorite melodies. Something this pure, doesn't need fancy service to make it shine. It may be odd to call a mushroom steaky and sumptuous, but for me, it is. Simply, salt, pepper, and butter, or evoo. At BLT Steak I think I loved these more than the actual rib eye we ordered.

Heat a knob of good butter in a pan, add a dash of evoo if you like as well.... and tear up your hen-of-the-woods right into the pan. Season and turn gently in the pan. Cook about ten minutes. More or less for your tastes. I really like the almost perverse choice to let some of these cook down until they get semi-crispy edges.

Eat right away and let these beauties tell your tastebuds a beautiful story.

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