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Whitestone Whiskey Punch

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

(Or, a Prayer for Percy. )Whiskey milk punch has its origins in Scotland around 1688, and traveled to New Orleans, where most great cocktails are born, or perfected. There, it thankfully, evolved into a much more lovely libation. Elegant and comforting, classy and cozy. More polite than egg nog, and multi seasonal. (and a nice cousin to a White Russian, which, of course, the Sun Tree might drink....because he abides.)

I've lightened this up and switched out milk, for almond milk, but choose your creamy base as you like. Whiskey of your liking (I used Bulleit)

Almond milk Powdered sugar or Stevia to taste Cinnamon and nutmeg. Shake with ice, strain into glass. Serve over ice or chilled.

(roll to see if your ritual is successful) #nerdthings

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